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The original building has been on site for well over 130 years, and can be identified in the photos of the 30th November 1878 peat slide. It was probably build as a dwelling house.

James Hocking was the owner until 31st January 1900 when he sold the land and building to John Lehan, then under the terms of John Lehan’s will passed on to Jane Lehan 29th June 1916 and then on 16th January 1928 passed on to Cornelius Lehan.

Sometime in the mid 40’s, John McLeod moved into Stanley from Weddel Island  and invested in the property, at the same time Bill Jones was living in and managing the Globe Hotel down the hill, he had been chosen by the Falkland Islands Defence Force to represent them in the Victory Parade being held in London on 8th June 1946, When Bill informed the owner of the Globe, Earnest Rowe, he told Bill that if he went he would not have a job when he returned. Bill did not want to miss the oportunity he had been given and attended the parade, on his return to the Falklands he was approached by John and asked if he would help converting his property into a bar, Bill agreed and the Victory Bar was born, taking the name from the parade Bill had just attended, the first licence was granted on 14th October 1946.

After a short time Bill left the bar to John to manage.

When John died he left the Victory Bar to his eldest Grandson, Dennis Whitney, Dennis was far to young to take over the business as he was still at school. Dennis eventually sold the Victory Bar to a business partnership of James Jacobsen (Jimmy Jake) and Pamela Reid on 6th August 1973, later on in the 70’s Pamela gifted her share in the business to her husband, Renald Reid, but she had to remain the owner of the land as her husband was a foreigner and could not legally own land in the Falklands.

Jimmy died 28th July 1980 and Renald died December 1982, leaving Jimmys son (me) and Pamela Reid to sort everything out, communication was not easy as Pamela Reid was living in argentina but with the guidance of Chuck Clifton (my grandad) and Arthur Nutter a deal was agreed and Alastair Jacobsen became the sole owner 1st March 1984